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We will provide you with high quality, fast and competitively priced service with agents and brokers in mind. We will be the point of contact between the agent and the title company.

Real Estate Services

  • U&O (facilitate application and upfront payment)
  • HOA 3407/5407 Resale Package (facilitate application and upfront payment within parameter of Agreement of Sale)
  • Verification of commission if PAR documents are provided
  • Title commitment review prior to settlement
  • ALTA/HUD1 review prior to settlement

Our Services

  • Introduction point of contact letter to agents and title company
  • Certifications
    • Tax (county, school, township)
    • Water, sewer, trash
    • Portnoff
    • Domestic/Background Searches
    • Mortgage/HELOC Payoff
    • Plus certification and documentation fees

Conveyancer is a licensed realtor.

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